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June 2016, New York NY:  The international music industry buzz radiating from the Reeperbahn Festival is growing louder, larger, and more influential thanks to an iconic New York City alternative weekly and the German Foreign Office!   

Live from New York! At the legendary Gramercy Theater in New York City, the acclaimed Reeperbahn Festival made its highly anticipated debut in the United States with a special New York City Edition musical extravaganza that showcased fresh, new acts spanning rock, experimental, avant-electro,  hip-hop, soul, blues, techno, funk, dub, and every permutation thereof.

Attendees from the A2IM (American Association of Independent Music) Indie Week along with local journalists, artists, writers, musicians, tastemakers, and entrepreneurs  converged at the famed East 23rd Street venue to witness the electrifying sights and sounds of “cultural exchange” from a diverse array of thrilling new musical acts.   

Support From German Foreign Office: The Reeperbahn Festival New York Edition is partnered with the Village Voice, and arrives with the support of the German Foreign Office. This was the first time that a delegation of music industry professionals traveled to New York under the aegis of the Reeperbahn Festival.

Bridging the Gap Between Europe and America with New Music: Amid the incendiary din of synthesizers, guitars, and pounding bass drum beats, the musicians expressed their gratitude to the German government agency, along with their exuberance for the opportunity to expand their artistic horizons to a new audience.     

Among the trailblazing international roster of Reeperbahn performers included Jesper Munk (Germany), Grand Analog (Canada), Moonboy Inc. (Germany), Rebstar (Sweden), Fenster (Germany), Malky (Germany), and Adi Ulmansky (Israel).

German / European Artists Accessing North American Market: As Reeperbahn Festival General Director Alexander Schulz notes, the North American market continues to be of prime importance to all facets of the global music industry – yet gaining access to this foremost sector is difficult. Hence the importance for Reeperbahn to take a proactive role by bringing the Festival to the Big Apple to facilitate the efforts of music-industry professionals and artists.   

About The Reeperbahn Festival: The Reeperbahn Festival is Europe’s B2B platform for the music and digital industry which offers industry professionals and artists a program which includes numerous sessions, networking events, meetings, showcases, and award shows.

Thousands of industry professionals, artists, and media representatives from over 40 countries attend Reeperbahn as top international speakers address issues relevant to the music industry, its submarkets – recorded music, live entertainment, and publishing – and related sectors in the digital economy.

Since its 2006 debut, Reeperbahn has grown to become one of the most important meeting platforms for the global music industry.   The Festival draws its name from the famous Hamburg street renowned for its nightlife.

Hamburg September 2016 / Support from Embassy of the Netherlands in Germany: In September, the Reeperbahn Festival will commence once again in Hamburg with more than 700 events and 460 concerts. The festival’s partner country in 2016 is the Netherlands. Dutch Impact, Buma Cultuur, and the Performing Arts Fund NL will spotlight the Dutch music scene in concerts, sessions, and networking events with the support of the embassy of the Netherlands in Germany.

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