Bader Studios Hollywood on the Red Carpet with the cast of Flatliners – a horror movie remake

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Bader Studios Hollywood on the Red Carpet with the cast of Flatliners – a horror movie remake

September 2017 – Hollywood, CA – Bader Studios Hollywood : Flatliners, a new movie starring Ellen Page, Diego Luna, Nina Dobrev, James Norton and directed by Niels Arden Oplev is a remake of Julia Roberts’ ’90s film by the same name, “Flatliners” follows the story of five medical students and their dangerous experiment to discover if there is life after death.

The story, originally by Peter Filardi with the new screenplay is by Ben Ripley, is more or less the same. “Flatliners” is still set in an unnamed medical school where one bold student, Courtney played by Ellen Page, comes up with a terrible, crazy idea: die for one minute, come back to life with a defibrillator and report on the experience. Courtney would record her brain activity using an MRI; in 1990 all they had at the time was a home video camera.

Not only does the plan work, Courtney rises from the dead with unlimited energy, a photographic memory and the ability to play the piano.
Suddenly, her colleagues want to climb onto the table, too: the cocky Jamie played by James Norton, the workaholic Sophia played by Kiersey Clemons and the ultra competitive Marlo, played by Canadian actress Nina Dobrev.

What they encounter in the afterlife, however, are the specters of people they have hurt, ruined or even killed. As these ghosts begin to haunt them during waking hours, only the group’s sole holdout, Ray played by Diego Luna, maintains his equilibrium.

The original film had a sense of poetry, romance and magic — in a shallow way, to be sure, but at least it was there. The new version has slow pacing, low-key scares and predictable twists. Donald Sutherland takes a small role here as an imperious doctor, a fond nod to his old role.