Showcasing Chinese Innovation to the World! AIMA Debuts at CES, Launching a New Global Strategy

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Showcasing Chinese Innovation to the World! AIMA Debuts at CES, Launching a New Global Strategy


From January 9 to 12, 2024, the world’s premier event for consumer electronics technology – the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is now taking place in Las Vegas.

In its first appearance at CES, AIMA aligns with the show’s focus on sustainable development and mobility technology. AIMA showcased its “new strategy, new products, new partnerships” to kick off its global vision with a new international brand image.

This move firmly establishes AIMA’s global strategic presence.

One of the top electric e-mobility companies in China, AIMA hosted its first global press conference of 2024, unveiling a mysterious global debut model that represents high-tech and future travel. This event showcased AIMA’s strength as an advanced green travel technology and fashion company, its commitment to sustainable development, and its tribute to green fashion travel. AIMA invites global audiences to witness the power of “Made in China.”

The new Hyhawk is a sleek design that has:

-Hidden embedded display

-Futuristic seat design with suspended air cushion

-Front and rear dual barrels

-Digital matrix headlights with luminous eye

-Digital matrix tail light

-Course tires

-Responsive front and back disc brakes

The Hyhawk will be available in the U.S. later this year.

A bicycle equipped with an integrated electric motor drive mechanism and a battery that provides power for driving or assisting propulsion is known as an electric bike. Electric bikes range in power from those with a little motor to assist the rider’s pedaling to more potent models that may be operated entirely with a throttle.

The market is anticipated to grow as a result of factors including the implementation of government regulations to promote the use of electric bikes, consumer preference for using e-bikes as an eco-friendly & efficient commute solution, increase in fuel costs, and rise in interest in cycling as a fitness & recreational activity.

AIMA has played a crucial role in shaping industry standards by collaborating twice with the China National Institute of Standardization to define range standards. The company’s continuous innovation in battery life and power technology, from the MAX engine to the Engine Core Power and the recent Engine 5 technology system, has elevated AIMA’s position in the industry.

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