The War in Ukraine Through the Eyes of a Prominent Artist

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The War in Ukraine Through the Eyes of a Prominent Artist


August 2022 – East Hampton, NY:

The shelling and bombing continue, causing death, destruction, disregard for humanity – displacements of families, a chattered economy – creating chaos throughout the world’s food supply chain – with many experts predicting the worst is still yet to come.

One person living through this horror is American born, Ola Rondiak – of Ukrainian descent, she is worrying everyday about her husband Petro, who first fled to neighboring Romania after the Russians first invaded.

But now, Petro is back on the outskirts of Kiev, at their family home, telling his family that he needed to return to help his community and country during these dark hours…

Bader Studios met Ola, an accomplished artist who presents the viewers with a rare contemporary art with a historical conscience – at the 12th edition of Art Market Hamptons. The 56 year old Cleveland, Ohio native’s paintings stem from her family’s experiences living in Ukraine during the historical events of WWII, Stalin’s Iron Curtain, the Orange Revolution in 2004 and the Revolution of Dignity in 2014. These events shaped Ola Rondiak’s world view.

Emotional experiences surface in her artworks as her own history intertwines with Ukrainian history and tradition as she documents her emotions and knowledge of what is happening now in her beloved second home…

Ola brought her new work to Art Market Hamptons to highlight the horror and devastation caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine Ola has longed documented war on her canvases but never ever thought this could be as close to her as it is now.

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