Bader Media Group is an expert and highly experienced video news agency with newsgathering, developing and researching stories, pitching the news desk stories, being assigned complete tasks and responsibilities – taking advantage of our existing bureaus in: New York City (HQ), Detroit, Chicago, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco & Washington DC.


Bader Media has a team of dedicated TV news and media strategists who are experts in their respective fields. Whether you need help covering a media event, interviewing senior leadership on site, or producing background video press kits, the Bader team has the experience and expertise to deliver exceptional results.



Bader Media Group has an impressive track record for a wide array of Fortune 100 clients as well as new entrepreneurial endeavors. You know our clients – everyday you eat, drink, drive or wear their products. The Bader Media team believes in providing personalized service and attention to every client. Whether it’s a small business or a large international corporation, the team of dedicated professionals will work to develop a customized video news strategy that aligns with the brand’s goals and values.


The Bader team of experienced professionals produces network quality video content quickly and efficiently, ensuring that the core message is delivered to the  targeted audience in a timely manner. With our state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology, Bader Media is able to provide immediate live transmission with the news control room during breaking stories. We also offer confidential advice on broadcast TV news strategy, story selection, and crisis communication issues, ensuring that your brand’s message is conveyed in the best possible light.


With the comprehensive media roundup story analysis reports, Bader Media provides valuable insights into the brand’s media coverage. The Bader Media Research Team of experienced data-driven professionals analyzes the media coverage and provides a detailed report that outlines the specifics of the news reports, includes audience viewership and ad value and detects if the news channel did understand the story or drifted off course which allows our team to quickly follow through.  This is an important role Bader plays.

Bader Media is the go-to video news agency for companies leading the way in cutting-edge technology, innovative clean energy solutions, and game-changing advancements in the auto industry. 

From covering the latest tech innovations at The Consumer Electronics Show to providing expert analysis and strategic advice to automotive companies as they go electric, we’re here to help you succeed.

At Bader Media, we’re passionate about bringing the world of entertainment to life. Our expert team of reporters, videographers, and media strategists have years of experience covering the latest developments in the movie, music, art, and culture scenes.

From behind-the-scenes interviews with A-list celebrities to expert analysis of the latest trends and styles, we’re here to help you connect with your audience and build your brand in this exciting industry.

Bader Media is the ultimate video news agency for fashion companies and high-profile individuals in the industry looking to share their message and make a statement.

From the iconic Met Gala to the prestigious CFDA Awards, our team of experienced reporters, videographers, and media strategists are standing by to provide comprehensive coverage of the latest trends and events in the world of fashion.

Bader Media is the top choice for sports companies and high-profile athletes looking to promote their brand and share their story with the world.

From behind-the-scenes interviews and athlete profiles to expert analysis and strategic advice, we’re here to help you connect with your target audience and make the most of this incredible opportunity.

With the 2024 Olympics in Paris just around the corner, our expert team of sports reporters, videographers, and media strategists will be onsite to provide comprehensive coverage of this exciting event.

Bader Content Studios are the producers for these properties; researching and developing stories, assigning the video news field teams who then return to the studio to meet up with  writing team and video editors.

NYC VIBE is a popular social site that covers the heartbeat of NewYork City; culture, arts, music, dance & Browdway.  While ALL ARTS Dispatch is a program within the highly regarded ALL ARTS Channel, breaking new ground as the premier destination for inspiration, creativity and art of all forms. This New York Emmy-winning arts and culture hub is created by The WNET Group, the community-supported home of New York’s PBS stations.

APB News covers breaking news following the NYPD and FDNY in action everyday.

Bader Studios is a valued programming producer partner for the Discovery Networks – constantly working on and delivering a flow of brand content programs covering science, technology and innovation.

New for 2023 is a closer look at the electrification of the automotive industry – ranging from electric vehicles to hybrids, fuel cells and new clean energy under development. The program is targeted for the Discovery Channel, Discovery Science Channel and Motor Trend TV later this fall.


Dedicated TV news and media strategists assigned by the industry – automotive, banking & finance, transportation & fashion, entertainment & travel.


Services include covering media events, interviewing senior leadership on site, behind the scenes as products come to life, producing background video press kits, arranging and producing senior management live interviews on the cable news channels (Bader media team arranges with the channels, shoots with our camera teams using a LIVE U) and then provide media roundup story analysis reports.


From the night entertainment events, news feeds are available within hours – in many cases the field team uploads from the venue raw footage to Bader Servers where assigned editors in other cities are standing by.

We can supply:


  • Video news gathering
  • Targeted video news & entertainment story pitches for the segments 
  • Immediate live transmission with the news control room during breaking stories
  • In confidence, advising on broadcast TV news strategy story selection and crisis communication issues

NYC HQ: +1 (212) 744 – 5380