Our in-house media relations team has important relationships with the top news channels editors to present the event and story, which promotes access to our HD easy to use download site for immediate use. Working with Bader Media Group offers a special global broadcast news media relations edge when promoting a campaign. With our involvement, we can help you reach your audience through key media placements.


Bader Media Group excels at providing our clients extensive coverage in online media, from the top news websites to the latest trending blogs. As live coverage of important events and breaking news stories on the web has become increasingly prevalent, especially with the advent of mobile platforms, Bader Media Services has enjoyed great success orchestrating live streams which instantly bring your news stories to millions of “connected” viewers.


Bader Media Group has the unique distinction of serving as a strategic marketing partner for our clients, working in conjunction with their public relations staff to maximize their marketing initiatives, brand imaging, and corporate goals. Our advice and expertise with regard to your media campaign is based on years of experience in every aspect of the news business, affording our clients a decisive advantage over their competition.


As the media depends on Bader Media Group to provide them informative news stories and footage, they also look to us for access to top executives – from CEO’s to designers to corporate movers and shakers to celebrity spokespersons – for in-studio, satellite, and web interviews. We set the agenda for our clients to speak directly to the public working with many broadcast media outlet which best imparts their corporate message.

Special US Government & United Nations Vendor Authorizations & Access

The Bader Media Group is a US Government SAMs vendor reviewing RFQs, receiving inquiries from many government agencies and responding to video need requests everyday. Bader Media is also an authorized United Nations vendor offering our global broadcast and video news content gathering abilities to the hundreds of agencies that count on us to deliver.



Bader Content Studios’ combination of broadcast, internet, and social media outreach afford our clients the ability to bring their message(s) to millions of consumers within seconds!


Bader Content Studios is a global industry leader in producing same-day HD broadcast and web magazine-blogger video news stories and broadcast news media placement. In addition to handling all phases of video news production, our in-house media teams contact the global and regional news channels and promote access to the Bader Media Services media access site covering the story. With offices and bureaus throughout the United States, the Asia-Pacific region and western Europe, our clients have the advantage of utilizing Bader personnel who are Fluent in the local languages and engage with regional broadcast and web media on a daily basis – We can easily interface with your agency and in-house media team, to offer an inside advantage!


Branded or “integrated” content is a media platform wherein a commercial entity, usually a corporation that sells consumers a product or service, purchases air-time during a news broadcast.  The major difference between branded and commercial content is that the branded segment, as produced by Bader Media, does not give the appearance of a traditional commercial advertisement – it looks and sounds as if it is an editorial news story.



The media platforms – national and local – depend on branded content as the 24-hour / 365 day news cycle requires a constant flow of creative TV news content, which branded journalism plays an important role. Bader Media works closely with producers to ensure that your content flows seamlessly within the editorial context. Our writers, editors, and producers, who all have extensive backgrounds in TV journalism, weave credited news events and other news sources into your story – usually citing statistical studies, or by having a topical expert contribute soundbites and an on-camera appearance.

Every news platform also has corresponding digital and social media platforms, most commonly Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Whereas an editorial broadcast disappears after it airs, branded content has a longer lifespan on these platforms, thereby augmenting the entity’s advertising dollar with more of an audience reach. Bader Media tailors such video content for broadcast and digital media – as they require different production values and visual / audio elements to be most effective.