Branded or “integrated” content is a media platform wherein a commercial entity, usually a corporation that sells consumers a product or service, working with Bader Media who purchases air-time during a news broadcast. The major difference between branded and commercial content is that the branded segment, as produced by Bader Media, does not have the appearance of a traditional commercial advertisement – it looks and sounds as if it is an editorial news story. 


Branded content segments usually runs two to five minutes, depending on the news platform. It can be produced with a guest on set, and/or with video footage with either the news host rendering a voice-over or a Bader TV reporter producing a complete well rounded story.

Bader Media writes the scripts – for the TV channels and for the reporter – which include the in studio introduction to the report and the conclusion thoughts which steer the viewer to receive more information on the product or service.


With a tightly controlled script, written in the style and format of the news channel, the client received exactly what is promised upfront..


The most significant benefit of branded content is that the entity imparts their message to the targeted television and digital media demographic audience – concisely and without outside editorial commentary which may obscure, or take attention away from, the intent of the paid segment.  


With approved scripts and video by both our client and the news platform, the entity assumes the credibility of a news report, which, as many studies have shown, is impactful in reaching a sometimes hard to reach audience.


There are three (3) basic approaches to providing branded content segments to the news  channels:


– Bader TV produces the complete segment with one of our reporters including writing the lead in and tag for the channels – with a client focused call to action


– The channel hosts a “Look Live” with either an expert tied to the story or our reporter from the Bader TV news set with a split-screen


–  Bader writes the segment, provides the footage and the channel edits and  produces the segment themselves


Branded content is a relatively new concept and one that was spearheaded by Bader Media. In recent years, as FCC regulations no longer required news broadcasts to adhere to outdated rules regarding public service – TV news shows emerged as lucrative profit centers akin to television sitcoms, late night talk shows, and sporting events. 


As such, every minute of a news broadcast has value attached to it – and that value is generated by content which boosts ratings which increase viewership which, in turn, raises advertising revenue and profits for the network. Bader Media has a long history of providing major and independent news outlets with content that has augmented ratings and viewership – spanning automotive, lifestyle, sports, arts and culture, entertainment, technology, human interest, and current events, and hybrids thereof.

Value is also generated directly by advertisers – either by way of traditional commercials or branded content. Branded content fits into the current media landscape as it is both informative – with its elements of storytelling – and entertaining, as the video content is more dynamic than standard news video. Bader Media is a leading branded content producer for TV national and local programming.


The media platforms – national and local – depend on branded content as the 24-hour / 365 day news cycle requires a constant flow of creative TV news content, which branded journalism plays an important role. Bader Media works closely with producers to ensure that your content flows seamlessly within the editorial context. Our writers, editors, and producers, who all have extensive backgrounds in TV journalism, weave credited news events and other news sources into your story – usually citing statistical studies, or by having a topical expert contribute soundbites and an on-camera appearance.

Every news platform also has corresponding digital and social media platforms, most commonly Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Whereas an editorial broadcast disappears after it airs, branded content has a longer lifespan on these platforms, thereby augmenting the entity’s advertising dollar with more of an audience reach. Bader Media tailors such video content for broadcast and digital media – as they require different production values and visual / audio elements to be most effective.


In fact, Bader Media was among the first production companies to bring video content to streaming platforms, Vimeo, and YouTube, and privately owned websites.