At the annual New York Antiquarian Book Fair it’s okay to judge a book by its cover!

Every year at the Park Avenue Armory, over 200 International dealers assemble in the historic locale to display and sell rare books, maps, posters, manuscripts and historic items.

The book fair is under the watchful eye of the International League of Booksellers. This organization ensures that all books, manuscripts and related materials have been carefully examined for authenticity.

In fact, the New York Antiquarian Book fair has been a fixture on New York City’s cultural calendar for the past fifty years! With tens of thousands of materials and pages to review and browse through, this is clearly a world renowned event.

With the success of Hamilton on Broadway, the Alexander Hamilton collection of books, letters, and documents is one of the fair’s top attractions. You might think that you know everything about the life of Alexander Hamilton, but that might not be the case – Through original documents and letters including a love letter to Eliza on display, the blockbuster theatrical production has helped create intrigue for the historical figure.

Experts stress the importance of the Antiquarian Book Fair as a place where collectors, curators, dealers and the general public can get together and share their love for preserving printed books from the past. Drawing enthusiastic visitors from around the world, the Antiquarian Book fair is an essential New York City experience.