NYC VIBE at the

High Line

Mile Long Opera

October 2018 – Since it officially opened in 2009, The High Line has been a must visit location for tourists and locals as one of New York City’s most elevated parks.

With its lush gardens, winding foot trails, scrumptious seasonal food vendors, and stunning views of the Hudson River and New York City Skyline, this former abandoned railway track is a popular attraction all year round! If that wasn’t enough, the High Line also became New York City’s most magnificent “Urban Stage” with performances of the Mile Long Opera’s “Biography of 7 O’Clock.”

The Mile Long Opera spanned the entire length of the High Line, and made for a genuinely one-of-a-kind immersive experience for the audience and the singers. With a diverse ensemble of 1,000 singers representing all 5 boroughs, this massive choral work truly reflected life in our rapidly changing city.

As the skies darkened above the High Line, hidden lights from the cast member’s baseball caps illuminated the walkways. More than 1,500 guests freely moved and absorbed the musical messages delivered by the performers. Unlike traditional musical or theatrical performances where audiences are seated or standing, the Mile Long Opera prompted visitors to continuously move. Even in instances when the performers were singing or speaking the exact same text, every interpretation was unique. With the dynamic energy released by the audience and the singers the Mile Long Opera offered a look at life after 7pm, an interactive musical and visual portrait of New York and the people who make up this great city.

The High Line has come a long way since the city council passed a rezoning proposal that transformed West Chelsea into an international must visit location. According to friends of the High Line – This structure and walkway will increase the city’s tax revenues by 250 Million dollars over 20 years due to increased real estate values. For the New Yorkers who attended the Mile Long Opera – The High Line will always be one of the city’s most valuable assets!