February 2017 – NYC VIBE was on hand as Hockey legends gathered in New York City to support inspiring children of Ice Hockey in Harlem and to advance the efforts towards diversity in hockey. This year, Ice Hockey in Harlem is paying tribute to Willie O’Ree, who in 1958 became the first black player in the National Hockey League.

Ice Hockey in Harlem volunteers teach neighborhood kids about the benefits of physical fitness and guide youth to pursue social and academic excellence. 

Founded in 1987 – Ice Hockey in Harlem is a New York City institution on Ice. Every week, Volunteers are on the ice and in the classroom with under deserved youth. The program continues to grow and nurture NYC kids now spanning three decades.

Willie O’Ree met with the Ice Hockey in Harlem kids at a Tribeca rooftop fundraiser for the organization to talk to them about diversity – a topic which is particularly relevent given that February is Black History Month. Willie talked about the importance of embracing and respecting multiple cultures and social integration. Willie continues to inspire generations of athletes and citizens to this day.