February 2017 – For Black History Month in New York City, Laurence Fishburne reminds New Yorkers of the importance of Nelson Mandela and those who worked with him…The acclaimed actor assumes the role of the iconic anti-apartheid freedom fighter in a national television mini-series, “Madiba: The Definitive Story of Nelson Mandela”

NYC VIBE reports as Madiba it makes its world premiere at The Paley Center for Media in NYC

Directed by Kevin Hooks, this three part mini-series tells a deeply personal and comprehensive story of Mandela. Madiba also highlights the plight of the lesser known men and women who fought and sacrificed their lives for freedom.

In June of 1990, shortly after he was released from prison, the City of New York embraced Nelson Mandela. 50,000 in Queens at Kennedy International Airport and along the route. 100,000 as he passed through Brooklyn. 400,000 along the ticker-tape parade and 200,000 in the ceremony at City Hall. Hundreds of thousands more saw the events broadcast live on local television. The story of Nelson Mandela belongs to the world…and to New York City – where he was beloved by all. 

Celebrating Black History Month is a time to reflect back and use what we learned to make the future better. New York City has long been a center of African-American life in the United States. It’s where the Harlem Renaissance shook cultural norms, where Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s color barrier and where Shirley Chisholm became the first black woman elected to Congress. Nelson Mandela’s visit to New York reaffirms the City as a beacon of diversity.