June 2017 – There is a new attraction in Times Square which is a 50,000 Square foot world of miniatures – capturing the essence of New York City Life. 

Gulliver’s Gate is open to the public on West 44th Street and is a massive flowing display that replicates the world we live in – complete with moving cars and trains

It is a 40 Million dollar Project that took ten years to come about and about 18 months to build. The Exhibition Springs from the imagination of Eiran Gazit, a famed Israeli artist and model maker. 

When Eiran saw a miniature park in the Netherlands which is famous for its 25 to 1 scale of models of Dutch landmarks – He fell in love with the concept and decided to bring it to New York City. 

By stepping into a three dimensional body scanner equipped with 128 lenses to create a life like 360 degree image of themselves – visitors can add their likeness to a city street, public square, or inside a train terminal. 

From the vision of Eiran Gazit and his collaborators – New Yorkers and tourists can feel like Gulliver on the island of Manhattan!