February, 2018 – It’s called “New York Fashion Week”…But it’s more than just style!

New York Fashion Week means big business in a rapidly growing industry which reaches far beyond the borders of this city! This season, NYC VIBE noticed that New York Fashion Week took on a distinctly Asian flavor.

NYC Vibe went behind the scenes and met the designers who mixed and matched Asian traditions with this city’s classic urban influences at New York Fashion Week.

The Council of Fashion Designers of America together with Suntchi and Alibaba’s Tmall hosted the first ever “China Day”. The purpose of “China Day” was to introduce leading Chinese designers to international markets. The event also helped these designers build their presence here in the city, and to ultimately develop global distribution channels.

The brands that were chosen to participate in “China Day” represented contemporary Chinese design, and were also heavily influenced by western styles. Fashion Industry leaders noted that China has a great deal more in common with the United States as compared with Europe. The United States and China both share a vast consumer base and huge market capacity.

Downtown in the West Village, The Hong Kong Trade Development Council hosted a show entitled “Fashion Hong Kong”. Featuring three leading Hong Kong fashion designer labels. This show presented Hong Kong’s Fashion creativity to industry elites and style influencers from the United States and around the World.

Self taught designer Malan Breton was born in Taiwan and started his spectacular fashion career in New York City as a model, dancer and actor. Malan unveiled his latest collection in Midtown, which was a dramatic affair with a moving theatrical presentation.

East met West and vice versa at New York Fashion Week. From China Day, to Hong Kong Fashion, to Malan Breton – Asian designers caught the public’s eye. Globalization has sparked interaction throughout the fashion community, and Asian fashion gained the most recognition this year at New York Fashion Week.