NYC VIBE at OZY Fest 2018

July 2018 – This was the summer’s hottest festival in New York City.

Central Park’s Rumsey Field was the scene of the most eclectic mix of artists, influencers, musicians, performers, and public figures. It was the “can’t miss event” of the season, and NYC VIBE didn’t miss a beat at the 2018 OZY Fest!

The OZY Fest theme of 2018 was “See Beyond” and with the diverse group of speakers – the electrified audience was able to do just that.

The New York Times described the OZY Fest as “Part Music Festival, part Ted Talk, and part Food Fair”. Many consider the gathering as “New York’s answer to South By Southwest”. This year the venues were packed with the curious and those just seeking to know more.

The next OZY Fest will be even bigger and grander next year – as more thinkers, laureates, influencers and intellects will be on the stages – to engage in art, technology, and politics. If you want to know more – well, now you know where to go.