September 2017 – Two lifelong friends who were born, raised, educated and inspired by New York City are forging a social revolution with a fashionable twist.

NYC VIBE talked with Abrima Erwiah and Rosario Dawson about their collaborative social enterprise: Studio 189.

It’s not just about clothes…It’s about empowerment, education and opportunities for women through ethical and sustainable fashion!

From Ghana to New York City – The story of Studio 189 began in 2013 during Abrima and Rosario’s trip to Africa. As they toured numerous countries and villages on the African Continent, Abrima and Rosario decided that they could use fashion to make a difference in society. Their motivation is a deeply shared passion for “The power of collaboration with artisanal communities”.

Studio 189 made a big splash at New York Fashion Week during the debut of their latest collection. In fact, Studio 189 received nearly as much attention as some of the iconic designers on the top runways throughout the city.

More and more New Yorkers are seeking a “Greener Lifestyle”. For New Yorkers with a sustainable agenda – The choices they make when purchasing goods are highly influenced by where the products came from, how the product was made and how the product affects the environment. Studio 189 has partnered with several sustainability minded organizations, including The United Nations International Trade Center’s Fashion Initiative. With her Studio 189 partner Abrima Erwiah, Rosario Dawson is inspiring New Yorkers to take an active role in the empowerment of Women, and to look good while doing it!