NYC VIBE at STOMP Out Bullying

National Culture Week

June 2018 – A “Culture Shock” hit New York City – and it was felt throughout the nation and around the world!

STOMP Out Bullying – an organization committed to ending bullying, racism, hatred, and violence – hosted a global forum to launch the first annual “Culture Week” at the Manhattan Center.

NYC VIBE was there to feel the positive vibrations from these amazing kids and their famous mentors!

Research shows that hate and discrimination can have long lasting effects for victims. The National Center for Education and Bureau of Justice report that an estimated 28% of students in the United States say that they have been bullied at school.

STOMP Out Bullying helps over 5 Million Students resolve bullying and cyber bullying situations. Activists and celebrities challenged hundreds of middle and high school students in attendance and thousands more participating on live stream to “Change The Culture”.

Culture Week engaged young people and encouraged them to take a hard look at society and commit to ending discrimination and bullying. Students were taught how to respond to all forms of bullying. Through peer mentoring programs in schools, to education in the classroom and online – STOMP Out Bullying is working hard to promote inclusion and equality.

STOMP Out Bullying estimates that they have saved over 2000 lives through their help chat line, and through their various networks they have saved over 6000 lives – and those numbers are increasing daily!