August 2017 – For 19 Years, New York City has gone to the dogs – But in a good way!

A generation ago, two prominent New Yorkers – Mary Tyler Moore and Bernadette Peters – Started an initiative to help hundreds of animals in New York City’s shelters find permanent homes. 

Actor and animal lover Malcolm McDowell accompanied Ms. Peters in Times Square’s Theater district where dogs were on display.

This year, Mary Tyler Moore – Who passed away in January of 2017 – was recognized for her animal advocacy. An award which is named in Moor’s honor went to Sophie Gamand, a French photographer and animal advocate who lives and works in New York City. 

Adopting a dog or cat from a shelter rather than a breeding farm is a simple process. Hundreds of New Yorkers got up close and personal with pooches of all shapes and sizes. Information on all the dogs that were available for adoption were readily available from the shelters. It was hard to tell who was more excited – The dogs or their perspective owners!

New Yorkers love their four legged friends. According to statistics from the New York City Economic Development Corporation, New Yorkers own approximately 1.1 Million Pets. That breaks down to 600,000 dogs, and 500,000 cats!

I guess what the say is true, dogs are a New Yorkers best friend. Or is it that New Yorkers are a dog’s best friend?