October 2017 – If you live in New York City, or if you’re among the millions of tourists who visit every year, then attending a theatrical production is likely on your list of things to do.

When it comes to local theater, Broadway and Off Broadway seem to get all the attention. But if you have a desire to experience the incredible range and diversity of New York City theater, then follow NYC VIBE “Off Off Broadway”.

This year’s annual New York Innovative Theater Awards was held on the West Side to honor “Off Off Broadway” Performances. The actors, producers, directors, writers and designers that make “Off Off” such a vibrant art form came to honor the best and brightest on the stage and behind the scenes.

The artistic freedom for playwrights and actors on the “Off Off Broadway” stage is boundless. Performances spaces are relatively small as compared to big budget mainstream productions. Audience members and actors often share a unique and intimate theatrical experience together.

The “Off Off Broadway” movement began as a challenge to Broadway and traditional mainstream theater.

With low ticket prices, “Off Off Broadway” is very affordable and easily accessible as well. It offers theatergoers an opportunity to see up and coming talent before they make it to the Great White Way or Hollywood. The life of an “Off Off Broadway” actor in New York City is difficult. The competition is fierce and audiences are demanding.

The curtain is always rising on “Off Off Broadway”. These new and exciting productions are what make New York City “The Theater Capital of the World”.