December 2017 – Before you see their names in lights…..Before the marquees light up with the latest must see productions…..Before the lines stretch down Broadway to experience the best that theater has to offer…..It all begins here – at the New York New Works Theater Festival.

Every year, the New York New Works Theatre festival brings exposure to aspiring writers, actors, producers and directors. In fact, The New Works Theatre Festival is the first of its kind in New York City.

The New Works Theatre Festival performances are staged at the historic Duke Theater on 42nd street – New York City’s premier Off Broadway Space in the heart of Times Square. Established actors, producers and casting agents shared their expertise with the next generation of theater stars at the new works panel discussions. These panel discussions prove to be a learning experience for both actors and students.

A select group of Broadway producers, along with Emmy and Tony Award winners, watched closely over the progress of each production. These mentors provided invaluable contributions to the New Works Festival every step of the way – from rehearsals to the opening curtain!

The New York New Works Festival has an impressive list of success stories. Every year, investors and producers meet with the New Works participants hoping to find the next Off Broadway or Broadway hit. For audiences, the festival afford theater fans an exciting introduction to what is to come on Broadway, Television and Film.

Of the 54 plays that were selected from 115 entries spanning dramas, musicals, comedies and satires…..6 productions were ultimately chosen as finalists. At the legendary “Theatre 80” in the East Village, the 6 finalists competed for the coveted 2017 New York New Works Theatre Festival Award. The winning production was a one-act play written by Kati Schwartz entitled “The Coward”. The themes addressed in “The Coward” are based on Kati’s personal experiences – which resonated with the judges, audience and even the other actors, who celebrated on stage with the winners.

Now that the New Works Theatre Festival has come to a close, aspiring playwrights, producers and actors will begin work on new scripts, new monologues, new sets and new musical themes, and they will be back on stage at next year’s festival; Will you be in the audience?