April 2017 – Lights, camera, action… its Tribeca! Actors, producers, directors, writers, and movie fans from around the world flocked to the annual Tribeca Film Festival in New York City this spring

With a stunning variety of films from 28 countries – the Tribeca Film Festival, along with Sundance and Cannes, is a must-attend event for everyone who loves the movies!

One of the most talked about shorts at the Tribeca Film Festival was a Rag and Bone film production entitled ‘Hair’ starring Golden Globe nominated actor John Turturro and two-time Emmy winner Bobby Cannavale

Shot at a real neighborhood barber shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – Hair features Turturro and Cannavale engaging in an unscripted and totally improvisational conversation shot in one day last summer. Humorous, engrossing,  and upbeat – the two veteran actors, reveal in their banter that clothes and hair do “go together” as an important element of an individual’s social identity.

Together, John Turturro and Bobby Cannavale are naturals. Their timing, their chemistry, and the manner in which they feed each other lines comes from more than 15 years of friendship – their collective synergy is an expression of this city as captured in the magic of filmmaking!