NYC VIBE at the 2018 Cassoulet War

March 2018 – We’re going to take you to the front lines of culinary combat in Manhattan! In a Posh Chelsea neighborhood setting, NYC VIBE was witness to an epic gastronomical battle for the ages.

When this clash concluded, amid the ceramic bowls, discarded silverware and empty wine glasses…there was one chef left standing! It all happened at the fourth annual Cassoulet War!

The fourth annual Cassoulet War, hosted by D’Artagnan foods, has been a ritual in South France for centuries. Now these challenges have become a bonafide New York City Tradition. There are as many stories as there are cassoulet recipes! Hundreds of diners indulged themselves on the ultimate French comfort food, and master cooks revealed their signature cassoulet ingredients to NYC VIBE.

Sequestered in their hidden chambers, the cassoulet judges diligently deliberated over each of the 33 dishes. This matchless team of French food arbiters were made up of some of the world’s most renowned chefs and restaurateurs. In addition to the judge’s preferences, every attendee also had the opportunity to vote for their favorite cassoulet creations for the “Audience Choice Award”

The cassoulet is also for a cause! The Cassoulet War raised money to benefit “Action Against Hunger”, a global humanitarian organization that takes decisive steps to combat the causes and effects of hunger.

The French are known to say: “Cassoulet is not a recipe – it is an argument between villages!” However, NYC VIBE says that cassoulet in New York City is an argument between boroughs and neighborhoods! And next year, the best local chefs will once again vie for New York City’s cassoulet crown….Bon Appétit New York City!