NYC VIBE at the

2018 New York

Frieze Art Festival

August 2018 – Where did some of the World’s most exciting new artists converge to share their work? Where were some of the most influential artworks of the 20th century on display?

Was it Paris? London? Rome? No!

It all happened on Randall’s Island Park in New York City at the 2018 Frieze NY Art Festival.

This year’s Frieze Festival featured work from more than 190 galleries from 30 different countries. Collectors, dealers, curators, artists and curiosity seekers all mingled under the tents. From fully immersive experiences to subtle portraiture – the Frieze Festival had something to offer every art lover. Many attendees and art critics lauded Frieze’s new and improved layout on Randall’s Island – which included an exceptional number of galleries from New York and the West Coast.

Under a new artist director – Loring Randolph – Frieze introduced several new programs this year. In addition to its annual focus, frame, and spotlight sections, the 2018 edition debuted its “Live” Program which is a platform for performances, installations, and interactive projects. Another important component of the Frieze Art Festival is the Frieze Teens Program. which brings New York City high school students from all 5 boroughs together with artists and industry leaders to explore careers in art. Frieze teens take part in studio visits, writing workshops, and professional seminars.

The next time someone asks you where the art capital of the world is, just tell them to get to Randall’s Island for the New York Frieze Art Festival!