NYC VIBE at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival

May 2018 – It was initially founded as a way to use film to bring together and heal a grieving city. Now, it’s known for selective premieres, celebrity panels and family events. The Tribeca Film Festival, which held 140 film screenings and brought together 150,000 New Yorkers in 2002, now has grown to a collected international audience of more than 4 million attendees.

The Tribeca Film Festival brought together visionaries across industries and diverse audiences to celebrate the power of storytelling. A platform for independent filmmaking, creative expression and immersive entertainment, Tribeca supports emerging and established voices, discovers award-winning filmmakers, curates innovative and interactive experiences, and introduces new technology and ideas through panels, premieres, exhibitions, and live performances.

The feature lineup for the 17th annual Tribeca Film Festival boasted a wealth of star-studded movies and New York City-based stories. Through programs that embrace storytelling in all of its expansive forms—Film, TV, online work, VR/AR, and music—The Tribeca Film Festival re-imagines the cinematic experience and explores how art can unite communities.

 Out of the 96 films in the festival, 46 percent were directed by woman — the highest percentage in its history. In response to the growing national movement, Tribeca Film Festival has partnered with TIME’S UP to host a day of conversations with the women who are playing a pivotal role in raising awareness about inequality in the workplace. Activists, storytellers, business leaders, filmmakers, lawyers, media figures, and more share their stories and seek next steps to establish the parameters for lasting change across industries and the pay spectrum.

The festival closed with the world premiere of “The Fourth Estate,” a documentary which explores how journalists at The New York Times covered President Trump’s first year in office.