June 2017 – The World Ocean Festival was a public event held this weekend to support The Ocean Conference at UN Headquarters in New York City happening this week – where heads of state, ministers, marine experts, civil society and the business community will gather to discuss the rapidly deteriorating health of the world’s ocean and what needs to be done to save it.

This all leads up to World Ocean Day on June 8 where as part of its partnership with The Global Brain, Toyota is the automotive sponsor of the UN World Ocean Festival this past weekend and the UN Conference from June 5 through June 9.

The Festival hosted a boat parade in the New York Harbor, which aimed to promote conservation and sustainable use of the world’s oceans.  To celebrate the occasion, a festival was held at Picnic Point on Governors Island. Attendees spoke with the various exhibitors and joined in the activities focused around water and our world’s oceans.

Toyota had the Mirai and Prius Prime on display as well as a Ride & Drive for both vehicles as well as an eco-friendly succulent planting activity.