NYC VIBE at the Writers Guild Awards

March 2018 – We are all familiar with the Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, and the Tony Awards. But none of these programs would exist without the one we are about to show you. NYC VIBE takes you to the 70th Annual Writers Guild Awards in the Theater District!

The Writers Guild Awards date back to the year 1948. At the time, the Screen Writers Guild decided to compete with the Oscars by creating its own peer group prize. Today, the Writers Guild Awards cite the best writers in television radio, film, video games, news and new media.

Actors who are known to millions paid tribute to the writers who made them famous. The mutual admiration that writers, directors, and performers have for each other was evident throughout the evening.

The Guild also recognized individuals who work behind the scenes to ensure that the next generation of writers will have the same opportunities to inform and entertain audiences as these honorees do

As long as there are stories to be told, and people who have a burning desire to share those tales with the masses, there will  be writers. And the Writers Guild Awards will be here to give them the recognition they so richly deserve.