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March 2018 – He’s won the coveted Cy Young Award for excellence in pitching…He is a six time Baseball All Star…He led Major League Baseball in wins not once, but twice…He’s taken home the American League Championship Series Most Valuable Player Award and he is a World Series Champion…

But do you know what CC Sabathia’s other passion is? New York City Kids!

CC Sabathia was a surprise guest star at the annual Greater New York Dental Meeting. Held at the Javits Center, it’s the largest dental meeting in the United States.

It provided hundreds of local elementary school children with free dental screenings, oral health education and treatment referrals.

Dental health has always been a major concern in Greater New York City. During the five day meeting – medical experts, health care practitioners, and dentists discussed ways to improve kid’s care of their teeth.

Volunteers from local New York City hygienist schools staffed the brushing stations. Oral health themed videos, games, activity canters, and even puppets and costumed characters encouraged kids to limit their sugar intake.

The New York City school kids had no idea that CC would be “pitching in” with their special day of dental education and treatment! They listened intently as their baseball hero explained why they need to take care of their teeth. Among the main attractions was a massive mobile dental van – which is essentially an oral health clinic on wheels! With his six foot frame – CC climbed into the van to offer the kids words of encouragement and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Local star athletes play an important role in setting youth on a path to success. In New York City, the sports capital of the nation – the impact of a baseball star talking one on one with kids is an invaluable experience for both the students and the teachers! It was hard to tell who had a better time – CC or his young fans from New York City!