Bader Studios Europe is on the red carpet of the
European Premier of the Thriller, “Atomic Blonde” in Berlin

July 2017 – Berlin, Germany


Bader Studios Europe: “Atomic Blonde” features Oscar-winner Charlize Theron as a ruthless British spy on a mission in Berlin in the final days of the Cold War. She’s blond, sexy and throws a good punch. Charlize Theron is out to bring Cold War double agents to justice in “Atomic Blonde.” The film celebrated its European premiere in Berlin where the movie was shot.


Charlize Theron plays a cool “Atomic Blonde” during the Cold War – a compelling performance with wit and fierceness. The South African has had leading roles in numerous action films with this being the most challenging doing many of her own stunts.

In the action thriller, “Atomic Blonde,” South African actress Charlize Theron plays a double agent in the last days of the Cold War in 1989, just before the fall of the Berlin Wall. James McAvoy plays her British agent side-kick, complete with the punk wardrobe . Her portrayal as an “Atomic Blonde” strengthens her reputation as an actress with sex appeal and tremendous action potential.


Bader TV News was on the red carpet and sent time with the actors, writers and producers.

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