June 2017 – Every summer, people on the streets of New York City hear the tuneful sounds of pianos resonating in public spaces above the blare of traffic and assorted urban noises….

Monica Yunus and Camille Zamora are the curators behind Sing For Hope Pianos. Sing For Hope Pianos places sixty artist designed pianos throughout New York City’s parks and public spaces for anyone and everyone to play!

This Year, Sing For Hope Pianos places its 400th unique piano in the five boroughs – which makes New York City host to more street pianos than any other metropolis in the world.

Following their use in public spaces…these amazing instruments will find a welcome home in schools and community centers throughout the city. Bringing people together with harmony, melody, and song: Sing For Hope Pianos touches the lives of an estimated 2 million people each year. As New York City’s largest recurring public arts project….Sing For Hope Pianos are the soundtrack to New York City!!!!