Fun and Fashion Merge at Kenzo x H&M Collaboration Launch In New York City

October 2016: New York, NY:

In spectacular displays of color and light, the celebrated KENZO x H&M collaboration was officially launched in New York City.

Directed by fashion legend Jean Paul Goude, the KENZO x H&M bash was presented at Pier 36 with a joyous dance party and runway show which featured a performance by Ice Cube.

KENZO’s Carol Lim and Humberto Leon are the latest designers to bring their work to the masses with an affordable line with the fast fashion retailer offering a pattern-heavy, colorful collection.

“We wanted to create something special for this collaboration” exclaimed Carol Lim on the KENZO x H&M red carpet. “And we wanted to introduce a conversion between Kenzo Takada and our time at KENZO, so we brought together a lot of the pieces from the archives that we’ve never really played with before…” Leon added that “every piece has a real collectibility to it …for 80% of the collection this is the only place you’re going to get it…”

Celebrities outfitted in the luxe-streetwear and bold graphic prints included Lupita Nyong’o, Chloe Sevigny, Iman Chance the Rapper, Elizabeth Olsen, Jade Gordon, Charli XCX, Bethann Hardison, Halsey, Joe Jonas, and Spike Jonze, among others.

To the rhythm of a customized remix of “Express Yourself” by Sam Spiegel, dancers, beatboxers, whistlers and musicians came together to celebrate the beauty and power of individual expression. Through a unique choreography created by KENZO collaborator Ryan Heffington – the show presented the KENZO x H&M collection to an audience who experienced an inferno of playfulness, bold prints and vivid colours. As the show finished the celebration continued with a performance by rapper and surprise guest Ice Cube.

On the KENZO x H&M red carpet, actress Rosario Dawson praised Kenzo’s history of creating beautiful fashions and “bringing out the playfulness that is needed when we dress up.” Chloe Sevigny commended KENZO for the “color, life, and vibrancy they bring to clothes.” In a similar observation, Lupita Nyong’o expressed admiration for KENZO’s “playful and whimsical” designs, the comfort of their clothes, and Kenzo’s collaboration with H&M which “makes high end fashion accessible.”

Chock-full of technicolor animal prints, cozy separates and statement-making maxi-dresses, the KENZO x H&M collection has a wide array for everyone. In addition to the cold-weather appropriate ready-to-wear coats, jackets and scarves, the Kenzo x H&M collection includes a wide range of accessories such as visor sunglasses, totes that look like KENZO shopping bags, elbow-length gloves, flat brims, beanies, cross-body bags, galoshes, flip-flops, socks and sock boots.

The KENZO x H&M collection will be available in over 250 H&M stores worldwide, as well as online starting November 3.

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